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So this is my stance, I will be of course spending several days a month in Opel to make sure that we give them the appropriate guidance and the appropriate support. And there will be also a global executive committee within which every month the representatives of the historic PSA and the Opel managing team will be discussing on the way we are implementing the synergies, the speed and the depth at which we are implementing those synergies and we will make sure that there is teamwork between the historic PSA side and the Payday advance side to make sure that we support their turnaround.

I think it gives us an enormous opportunity to create value. Regarding the ICE engines, though these people are talking about getting rid payday advance the Internal Combustion payday loans Engine as you know we are not here to give lessons or to show our scientific power.

Our stance is very simple. We want to make the customers happy and we will make our customers happy by selling them what they would like to buy from us and what they expect from us, which means that we have no huge technology push with our own electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid technology that will be launched from payday advance.

What is going to make the difference is the agility. It is the open mindset of our people to accept that the world is changing beyond what they think is right payday advance wrong, which is not the matter.

The matter is we need to make our customers happy and give them what they would like to buy from us. In terms of pricing of EV, this is a huge payday advance and you are right to mention this because the rise of the EV cars is also very much dependent on the subsidies and the support that the Governments will be able to give to this technology. And as you know well there is not much room of maneuver in the budgets of the Western societies to support this kind of increase.

And when the mix of EV will start to raise then of course the Governments will not be able to support them with more incentives and that will represent at one point in time a moment of truth in terms of speed of increase of the sales. Anyway, we will be prepared for this and we will be prepared for a very simple reason, the reason is that our two most updated platforms EMP2 and CMP are multi-energies.

They can be EV, diesel or petrol. They can be plug-in hybrid petrol, diesel or petrol only. Jose, JPMorgan, a couple of items to touch one, so please maybe mostly on the results. As I think about product mix, can we expect the run rate of product mix that we saw on the revenue bridge in Q2 to continue into the second half. And second, in terms of EV seasonality, you might beat expectation today again by more than half. I struggle to see at any seasonality whatsoever in the EBIT when I compare second half versus first half this year.

Well, thank you very much for your three questions. I will take the third one. Jean-Baptiste would you like to take the two first ones please.

Yes Jose, product mix in Q2 as you know we are not guiding item by item, but effectively I follow you, we have a very good momentum and we are still having to get the full benefit of the launch of 5008 in the second half. So we are entering a new phase of our launches on 2018. Of course many headwinds, of course many headwinds will come and take on half like as a pound, which will be very adverse, raw materials on it.

Well, thank you very Jean-Baptiste. To your third question about cost reduction, you see, one important thing that we face twice a month with the executive committee is the need to be more disruptive in the way we address the business challenges.

Being on the variable side of the business as on the fixed cost side of the business, we see that the disruption is going to be the key word, we have to find new ways of doing business. Even on sales and marketing, the way we communicate to the market, the way we highlight the products that we have, many, many things can be done. Not only I can share with you that we are not over with the waste, but what we also see is that beyond the waste what we need to do is to find more disruptive ways of doing business and this is the area where we are challenging ourselves to address this business challenges in a different way.

So we have another question from Mr. Gaetan Toulemonde from Deutsche Bank. A quick question on the raw material, you mentioned that a few times, but can you give us an idea about the headwind in the first half and what you expect for the full year, rough number.

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