How To Plan A Fabulous Girl Birthday Party

How To Plan A Fabulous Girl Birthday Party

Once the kids are fed, there are many great stores to visit. My son's favorite is the Lego Store. It is the only one in the area and is full of every kind of Lego product possible. They even have some great Lego merchandise like cake pans and key chains. is also home to Build-A-Bear Workshop, Disney Store, Children's Place, Sanrio, and other kid's stores. Check the mall directory for a current list of retailers.


If mom happens to celebrate her birthday on Mother's day, what better way than to send her a combined birthday-Mother's Day gourmet gift basket. Something like the Time to Party would be appropriate, as it includes all of her favorites. Treats such as English almond toffee, Lindt truffles, and Ghirardelli chocolate will let her know how special she truly is.



You can even give them calendar or t-shirts engraving their photos on it. These will surely convey your warm regards to the newly wedded couple as well as the baby girl. This can surely be a unique wedding gift for them.


So if you are thinking of some cool toys to get for your kids this christmas, I think you already know what to get. These cool cheap kids toys would be a big welcome addition to the family. I am sure your kids will just love them and treat them like the real thing. At least if the real living hamsters die your kids would not be sad because these Zhu Zhu pet hamsters would never die. Furthermore, the makers have introduced these Zhu Zhu pets in various colours and I am sure you would find one that you like. They got accessories for the hamsters too like hamster wheels and even cars!


5mm Akoya Pearls - It takes progressively more years for a pearl to grow to 9.5mm, and then out of all that do, only a few become investor grade; they are only grown in Japan, the ultimate in pearls. This 9.5mm pearl is the very finest and most expensive pearl that you could give; a gift of this magnitude will set you the giver apart from the rest.


My family loves to come to the Great Mall for Bounce-A-Rama. This is an indoor jump house play area for kids. It is great for burning of their energy and giving adults a chance to sit for a little while. There is also a Lunar Golf location, where the whole mini golf course is lit with black light. For families that enjoy R/C car racing, you want to visit this Inside Line Racing location. For a place that combines family fun and adult beverages, check out Dave & Busters in the Great Mall.


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