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Discovering Ancient Crafts

Le Marche is a region rich in history and tradition in which the values ​​are popular profonamente rooted. Expression of all this are the Old Craft Shops where you still play the old trades of the past, such as the bobbin lace in Offida, the CERAMISTS in Ascoli Piceno, the HATS in Montappone and the "PAJAROLE" (interlaced straw) in Acquaviva Picena. The Ancient Villages are an expression of this rich cultural heritage.

tomboloOFFIDA was inhabited by Picenes before, by the Romans after and then by the Lombards; it's situated on a rocky outcrop in the south of the Marche and its village is enclosed by the walls of the castle of the fifteenth century. The historic center still follows the original structure of which remains witness Antica Torre and characterized by a long main street (Corso Golden Snake), which comes from the walls to the magnificent church of Santa Maria della Rocca.

Offida is famous for its hardworking and patient delicate art of "The BOBBIN LACE", a handmade lace resulting of an expert craftsmanship;the establishment of the first school of lace in the school hall is dating to 1910 .

In Offida you can visit the Bobbin Lace Museum, which in the shops of the historic center; you can also visit the Handicraft Workshops all equipped with a working part and an exhibition area where you can admire the workers at work and creation made​​: stripes, table-centers, night-shirts, layettes, etc..

Acquaviva Picena is another town full of charm and history just 7 km far from the Riviera delle Palme. It is a medieval village for those who want to immerse themselves in art and history surrounded by ancient walls and ramparts. There's an impressive Fortress and there you can visit the Museum of Ancient Arms and "Pajarola Laboratories" making typical baskets of traditional craftsmanship made ​​with wheat straw and wicker: the Magic "Old workers".

ceramicaIn the area of ​​Ascoli Piceno is widespread MAIOLICA PROCESSING AND DECORATION OF CERAMIC; Ascoli Piceno is the provincial capital and boasts one of the most beautiful Italian squares: Piazza del Popolo.

In this beautiful setting, on the first Sunday of each year hosts the "Giostra della Quintana" that's a medieval reenactment involving in a magical and surreal atmosphere. The tradition of majolica, however, is kept alive by many handicraft factories making tableware, vases and ornamental plates from the palette almost always ringing and refined design. Interesting is to visit the Museum of Majolica.

On request, it'll be possible to visit the Artistic Workshops to observe the artists at work admiring and / or purchasing their creations.

Visiting the ancient villages in the Ascoli Piceno area it means discovering history, culture and tradition for an unforgettable vacation. This villages are brought to the attention of many photographers who organize ARTISTIC PHOTOS WORKSHOPS  extrapolating the soul of these  small medieval villages.



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