Monday, 10 February 2014 17:08


Le Marche is defined a "SILENT REGION" because it is not noisy. They are many reasons why you could visit it, however: for the history and the traditions, for the landscapes, the colors, the flavors and for thousand other reasons.

Le Marche offer everything you could want and you could cross them by BIKE discovering its secret heart and its surprising nature,  by conducting courses and bike tours specifically designed to capture their true essence.


1- 36 KM discovering the SEA and Monte Conero, one of the most beautiful and evocative place of Le Marche where the combination of the blue sea and the green of the mountain, is something that leaves you speechless. A location where you will discover the enchanting towns close to the coast as Ancona, Camerano and its mysterious caves.

2- 51 KM discovering the wonderful HILLS of Le Marche, that are famous for its sweet degrade towards the sea, its colors and the cultivation of vineyards and olive groves. The interior area is full of medieval villages, with the charm of the time such as Offagna, Recanati, Corinaldo and its Halloween party, Morro D'Alba home of "Lacrima" the famed red wine and Genga known throughout the world for the wonderful Frasassi Caves.

3- 39 KM discovering the MOUNTAIN to savor its tastes and its flavors; the mountain is not bitter but pleasant to cozy that will amaze you for the variety of vegetation, for the beautiful beech woods, for the forests reserves. You'll get into the heart of ancient villages now considered cultural and artistic heritage hosting very bautiful popular, medieval festivals and fears.



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