Wednesday, 12 February 2014 17:47


LOVING MARCHE is the partner of some of the most prestigious language schools in the region, providing two different kind of services: tourist advice and Italian language teaching. The service is aimed at all those who want to spend a period in Le Marche studing Italian, who want to discover our cities and our culture in their souls , trying to snatch the primary essence of theme, by an exploration with five senses.

Usually people decide to attend a course in a foreign country, during the summer to have a great vacation. Therefore, Loving Marche works with various Language Schools organizing Italian Language Courses for foreigners providing its consulting services in such a way that the Italian lesson becomes a sensory experience. The leitmotiv is to give the opportunity for students to acquire a thorough knowledge of the area in such a way that the course is not limited to being a mere "class lesson," but it becomes an "experiential course" that manages to leave a strong educational and cultural "imprinting".

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