Monday, 12 May 2014 13:51


LE MARCHE are also a popular destination for those who have the passion for the "BIRDS" because our region has a very prestigious long series of Naturalistic Protected Areas and WWF OASIS. Spending a day like "Birdwatcher" could be really exciting, choosing between half day or total day or more time you want; you'lle be accompanied by selected and professional naturalist guides.

You can enjoy "birdwatching" in various localities and areas around the region, because Le Marche are a transition zone of migration flows to Eastern Europe. We find interesting area in Porto Potenza for mallards and garganeys, in Recanati for "waders", in Monte Conero for the "birds of prey", in Montignano of Senigallia for "stork" and in Furlo for "eagles". Enjoy you preferite bird and enjoy birdwatching with us!


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