Stop at the OUTLETS and shops located along the roads to Civitanova Marche, Casette d'Ete, Montegranaro, Recanati. In Jesi we find the Simonetta Factory Store and its wonderful collections, a kidswear brand famous all over the word.

Duration: 4 hours or full day

People: in pairs or groups for up to 4 person

When: by car, both in the morning and afternoon.

Where: Civitanova Marche, Casette d'Ete, Montegranaro, Recanati.
What: Stops at the OULETS and shops located along an itinerary based on  4 to 6 preferences, and choosing from:
-  Women's footwear and clothing
-  Men's footwear and clothing
-  Children's footwear and clothing
-  Home furnishing

((The shops will be pre-selected to optimize the timing and permanence)

If a full-day trip is chosen,  lunch in a typical local restaurant in included.

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