Halloween in Le Marche

Corinaldo is a Medioeval town that each year organizes "The Feast of the Witches" and it has become THE ITALIAN CAPITAL OF HALLOWEEN.

The performances every year turn around a main theme; the theme of this year is '"THE DESIRE": desire to love, to live, to have fun, to improve, to take part. There are many unique attractions for children such as "THE TUNNEL OF FEAR", "THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS", "THE TOWER OF THE TRANSFORMATION" and "ZUCCHINO" with his friends that with their shows fascinate and scare hundreds of children. There are also "FRAGOLINO", "SCAPACOTTA & FLOWER" and "Pezz" with their hilarious and grotesque performances. You can find 18 taverns around the wall of the town to have a special dinner; the local recipes are named with Halloween terms to enjoy and scare you! Along the streets of the town you can find pubs, live music, street performers and attractions. Thousands of people come here every year, families and teen-agers, and Corinaldo has become the Italian capital of Halloween! 2012 October from 26 to 31.

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