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Discovering the truffle

Discovering the truffle

The most important event of the autumn in Le Marche is dedicated to the Tuber Magnatum Pico, the Truffle, a true delicacy of Le Marche foods.

The enchanting scenery of Furlo, near Pesaro,  with its 3 acres of woodland and picturesque peaks, an area rich in flora and fauna, architecture and culinary delights in its kind will entice you along the Food and Wine itineraries;  through the LANDS OF TRUFFLES, you will be able to enjoy Talamello, the aged "fossa" cheese, Cartoceto olive oil, "casciotta", the fresh cheese from Urbino and cured Carpegna ham.

For a real adventure to discover the truffle, you can spend one day in a little ancient town near the city of FERMO and its "Tartufaie". There you can learn the techniques and the secrets of the most experienced truffle growers; you can approach the world of the truffles and collect the Black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum). You will become a "digger" for a day and you will have an unique experience lived at 758 mt. above sea level surrounded by enchanted Sibillini mountains. You can eat typical truffle recipes in a local Restaurant like Bacon with quail egg and truffle, Meat with pepper and mint oil, Ravioli with cream and truffle, Vegetables soup, Farro with Porcini mushrooms and so on.

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