A Wedding on the Seaside

The Marche Riviera is the perfect place for a wedding because its coastline offers a wide variety of settings and locations that can meet the needs of the bride and groom when they wish to find accommodations for their guests, lodgings that range from the rolling hills of The "Castelli di Jesi" and such as the wonderful Grottammare to the splendid Conero Riviera. The bride and groom and their guests can even stay for several days  in locations specially chosen for the occasion, thus enjoying the many opportunities for recreational and excursions, in the mountain and lakes, from the hills to the sea with a wide variety of entertainment for lovers sports, typical local products, art and traditions.

Many Italian Seaside Resorts allow couples to celebrate a Civil Wedding on the Beach, before a town hall officer. Actually, most curias allow weddings to be celebrated in churchs only. In this case we colud organize an "Artificial Wedding" on the Beach after to get married on the churh or on the town council.

Wedding on The Lake

A beautiful lake nestled in the chain of the Apennines, is the ideal setting for a fairytale wedding. Celebrating your wedding on the Lakeside is definitely a unique experience that gives the ceremony a very romantic connotation.

Beach Wedding

Le Marche can be considered the perfect place for a "Figurative Marriage" which consists in the celebration of the rite that has no legal value. In this case, you choose to get married at City Hall before for an essential and only legal ceremony, then celebrates the rite of your dreams barefoot, at sunset in front of the sea!

A lovely Panoramic Frame

The guest house is a Camaldolese Abbey of 12th Century; it enjoys a picturesque location overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The location is immersed and embraced in the quite and suggestive Conero Natural Reserve from which you can reach the most beautiful beaches of the Le Marche Riviera in a few minutes.

Beauty, Nature, History, Elegance

A spectacular military structure of 1800, is the flagship of the Riviera del Conero. The fortress was elegantly restored and returned to the historic charm and architecture of the period and it has a large terrace on the enchanted bay and it's surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.