A Rustic and Shabby-Chic Wedding

Loving Marche offers an "Old Italian Style Wedding" in a Rustic and Shabby Chic Style, celebrated in a hilltop and small medieval village called Apiro; it'd be an informal, passionate and intimate Wedding for an unforgettable moment on the relaxing rolling hills of Le Marche.

You can choose between a Religious and a Civil Ceremony: the first could be celebrated in the majestic Collegiate of St. Urban, situated in the main square of the village; the civil ceremony instead can be celebrated within the precious  Mestica Theatre, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance, for a ceremony full of charm and appeal. Let the bride and groom to choose between alternative locations such as the main square, the town hall or a corner of the picturesque village of Apiro!

We can organize you banquet in every place you desire! Thanks to the work and commitment of professional Catering Team, we can arrange a banquet in the main place of Apiro, in a vineyard, in an elegant local restaurant or in a country house or around the Castreccioni's Lake or every where you decide to have it, choosing your personal and original menu with our local good red and white wines!

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