Destination Weddings Le Marche

The Marche region is rich in ancient villas, enchanted medieval villages, castles and historic houses that are ideal places for an unforgettable wedding, accompanied by a holiday for you and your guests, full of character and taste!

Le Marche are the land where you can celebrate your wedding by an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere that will give the wedding a strong and true character! Le Marche are the heart of Italy and they're considered the most genuine and sensual; ther you will have access to the best tourist facilities, the most beautiful locations where organize the wedding banquet: magic beaches, velvety hills and  enchantd mountains.



THE CIVIL WEDDING  in Le Marche is performed by a public officer, Mayor or delegate in the village town hall and the civil wedding doesn't include any religious blessing but strictly follows the articles of law of the civil Italian code. A civil marriage in is legally binding in any Country abroad recognized by Italian Government. Civil weddings in Le Marche must be performed in any venues where the local municipality has given the permit to perform civil marriages. The venus in Le Marche are very beautiful because you can choose between ancient Theatres, pictoresque villages with delicious adapted Town Hall Rooms or enchanted and narrow small squares.

THE CATHOLIC WEDDING in Le Marche must be erformed in a Catholic Church and there you can find the most beautiful Churches you can imagine, such as the Romanic ones. The Catholic wedding requires  specific paperwork and it can be legally binding or just religious and for legally binding also legally paperwork is required. The Catholic wedding cannot be performed outdoors, but only inside the Church.


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