Food Itineraries

These tours let you discover the authentic flavour of Le Marche and its traditions through food and wine tours in the most popular resorts, especially those in the interior, with its wealth of products such as its DOP-certified (denomination of protected origin) prosciutto, cured hams and pork products, its small, "cacciatore salami", the fragrant DOP “fossa” cheese, the Pecorino cheese from the Sibillini Mountains and the famous fresh "casciotta" cheese of Urbino.
Another delicacy is "Cartoceto", the extra virgin DOP-certified olive oil, which, together with "Millefiori honey", lentils and the white or black truffle, turns the products of our tables into dishes that are unique in flavour and taste.

The tours include:

- Guided tours ito manufactures or farms accompanied by the owner
- Luncheons or dinners in a farmhouse to taste typical products
- Food and wine tastings
- Guide to buying DOP-certified local products

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