Music Itineraries

These are tours to discover the artistic and musical talents of the Marches, a region that is proud to have been the birthplace of world-class musicians like Gioacchino Rossini, composer of the famous "Barber of Seville", Gian Battista Pergolesi from Jesi and Gaspare Spontini, the famous composer from Maiolati Spontini.

In honour of these famous composers, the Marches hosts, in every season, numerous Music Festivals for Jazz, Blues, Pop, Contemporary and Classical music, which brings to mind the "Macerata opera festival" and "Rossini opera festival".

Of course, the summer is the season in which these musical events are most popular; there is a very small town that welcomes "Folk Music and Dance International Festival" that every year attracts hundreds of people for its fervency and animation.

The tours include:

- Visits to the birthplaces of the musicians
- Lunch in picturesque locations
- Participation in musical events, singing and classical works

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