Nature Itineraries

There are excursions through the 90,000 hectares of Le Marche regional territory that are covered by Parks and Natur Reserves, stretching along the coast, then into the hills, until reaching at high altitudes of the SIBILLINI mountain range, with its mysterious caves, sparkling lakes and hiking trails overlooking breathtaking vistas.
The accommodations offer courses in Kayaking, Rafting and Canoeing down the mountain streams, Trails for Hiking and Horseback Riding, and visits to beautiful natural caves. Upon request, DOWNHILL and SOFTAIR activities in ad-hoc facilities in the heart of the mountains are also possible in properly prepared Training Centres.

You can practices PARAPENDIO with the ASD Paragliding Emotions, making paragliding flights for tourists on the Umbria-Marche Apennines; you can enjoy the amazing view from the top on the mountains, the valleys, the seas andthe  rivers while sitting on a harness and accompanied by Specialized Instructors!

There are also Archaeological Sites, preserve the remains of ancient civilizations that have left an indelible mark in Le Marche.

The tours include:

- Lunch in typical local accommodation
- Nature trails of your choice 
- Guided tours of nature reserves
- Guided tours to museums and archaeological parks

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