Total Look for Newlyweds

LovingMarche is at your side to assist you in the selection of formal wear, shoes, the most appropriate accessories for the occasion and for the beauty treatments that will make you radiant and elegant.

THE BRIDE will be taken to the best ateliers and showrooms in the area where you will find qualified staff able to advise you in the choice of the most appropriate clothing. LovingMarche will be right there to suggest the best beauty salons for a flawless look.

LovingMarche will direct THE GROOM towards the best choice of a suit, depending on his needs and the bride's style.

THE RELATIVES, likewise, will be supported in the care of their image by suggesting the best boutiques in the area, the best beauty salons and locations most elegant and exclusive locations to spend a few days relaxing.

Look at your personal and wondeful PHOTO BOOTH to have fun with guests! We can make it for your in every kind of Location you've chosen!